1915 INGLESA Sneaker


Classic Victoria shoe in washed canvas without laces. Super durable and comfortable thanks to the elastic upper that makes them very easy to put on and take off. Made in Spain with 30% recycled cotton and 20% recycled rubber.

Made in Spain. Exterior and interior made of washed organic cotton grown in Spain, recycled in 30%. Rubber sole with a 20% recycled material. This model has no animal components. 'Dear World' Sustainable model. INCLUDES 3 mm polyurethane and cotton padded insole. IMPORTANT! we recommend one size up.

Machine washable:
You can machine wash these trainers! It’s important that you follow our instructions for washing: maximum temperature 30 degrees, high or double wash cycle, dry them outside in a horizontal position without exposing them to direct sunlight.
By following these simple steps your trainers will look perfect! If you didn’t follow these steps and your trainers have stained, repeat the process and wash the again.